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Property Pool Plus is Live


KHT have now transferred all thier stock into Propert Pool Plus.

KHT have worked with KMBC to develop a new Sub-Regional Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme, which covers the Council areas of Knowsley, Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton and Halton.

The new scheme is called Property Pool Plus and has now replaced the current waiting list this summer. In addition to KHT, the scheme will include over 20 other landlords.

From now on, our Choice Based Letting system does not exist which means tenants will not be able to bid on properties on our site.

All properties will now be found on the Property Pool Website where you have to monitor properties and bid on them accordingly.

The scheme will be a big change for KHT customers - applications will be banded according to priorities within the policy and customers will have to check each week to see what properties are available and then bid for those they are interested in.

Everyone on KHT’s current housing waiting list have been automatically transferred over to the new scheme and will keep their existing date of application. However tenants will still need to confirm their details are correct in the new system.

To help you do this, we have sent tenants a letter advising them of the band that they are in, within each authority area and confirming their date of application. You will need to check your details, by going to theProperty Pool Plus website, calling 0151 290 7000 or calling into one of our offices.

Properties have now gone live on the Property Pool Plus system and this will be the sole portal for people to bid for properties.

We want make the transition to Property Pool Plus as smoothly as possible so if you have any queries about Property Pool Plus or need any help with verifying your details, please contact any member of the Choice Based Lettings team on 290-7445 or email them at choicebasedlettings@k-h-t.org

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