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Property Pool Plus


KHT is a partner in Property Pool Plus.   

Property Pool Plus is a choice based Lettings service that covers the Council areas of Knowsley, Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton and Halton. Along with KHT there are over 20 other Landlords who are partners in the scheme.

Property Pool Plus has been in operation since July 2012, everyone who was on the individual landlord’s waiting lists prior to 2012, were transferred over on to the new scheme with their existing date of application.

The scheme is the Housing Register for all applicants who are requesting a new home, the website advertises the homes that are available to rent and allows applicants to express an interest (place a bid) in a property they would like to be considered for.

You can also register your details online here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please go to the Property Pool Plus website by selecting the following link - www.propertypoolplus.org.uk/Data/ASPPages/1/1095.aspx

Your application
For your application to be assessed you will need to provide the supporting documents outlined below, which can be submitted to your local Property Pool Plus Office. We may also require further evidence in relation to your current housing situation, in which case we will contact you further.

Please Note – One document may satisfy all three requirements listed below e.g. a Benefit Agency Letter will act as proof of National Insurance Number, Proof of Residence, and Proof of ID, in which case there is no need to provide three separate documents.

Proof of National Insurance Number

Proof of National Insurance Number for you and your joint applicant (if you have one). It will help if you can also provide the National Insurance Number of all adults listed.

Proof of Identification

Proof of Identification for you and your joint applicant (if you have one). Here are some examples of the types of document will be accepted:

• Current Full passport

• Current UK or EEA photo card Driving Licence (full or provisional)

• Current full UK Driving Licence old paper style (old style provisional not acceptable)

• Current Blue Disabled Driver Badge

• Current Inland Revenue Notification/ Tax Assessment

• Current Residence permit (issued by Home Office for EU Nationals)

• Armed Forces ID card

• Benefit Agency letter

• Birth certificate

Proof of Residence

Proof of Residence for all members of the household. Here are some examples of the types of documents that will be accepted:

• Current UK or EEA photo card Driving Licence (full or provisional)

• Recent Bank/Building Society Statement

• Council Tax Bill

• Recent Utility Bill (Gas/Electric/Water/Cable TV) – Not mobile phone bill

• Child Tax Credit award letter

• Child Benefit award letter


• You will also need to provide 1 reference from your current or previous landlord if you have one.

References from family members or friends will not be accepted. If an applicant is unable to provide a landlord reference we will consider accepting an alternative such as:

• Proof of rent payment – e.g. bank statement

• Letter from a support worker

• Housing benefit statement

Other Proof

• Proof of pregnancy (MATB1 form) if you or any member of your household is pregnant.

• Proof of access arrangements where dependent children are not living with you.

Your application will not be accepted unless you attach all of the necessary information required.

If you are having difficulty getting hold of proofs please contact your local Property Pool Plus office to discuss other options.

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