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Find a home

Tenant in new home

We currently advertise our properties via:

  • Property Pool Plus (please note you will need your Property Pool Plus application assessed before you can bid on a property, to find out more go here)
  • Zoopla

We offer a wide range of homes with various ways to rent or buy.

These include:

National Home Swap
You may be interested on the National Home Swap scheme which allows Council and social housing tenants to swap their homes throughout the UK.

Further Information
Go to our 'How to Apply' page to find out more about the different ways you can acquire a KHT home.


Our new builds

To see the homes that we have recently built and those that are onsite at the moment, please click here. There you can find out about our new build properties including our 2 new extra care schemes.

Have you preserved the right to buy your home?

If you are a KHT tenant who transferred from Knowsley Council in 2002, you may have the right to buy your home. Click here to find out more.


If you are homeless please go to Knowsley Council’s Homelessness page.

Rent a home with KHT

Want to live in a KHT home? Click here to view our latest homes to let.

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