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Report ASB

If you or someone you know is suffering from ASB please contact us by one of the following methods:

  • Ring our Contact Centre on 0151 290 7000 
  • Ask a third party/friend to report it on your behalf or come with you for support 
  • Fill in our online form below

Remember to include your contact details if you want us to keep you informed about the action we are taking - if we are able to contact you it will help us deal with the ASB more effectively.  

Even if you wish to remain anonymous please get in touch, as we will still investigate your complaint and take action to the best of our ability. 

Community Trigger
The Community Trigger is a process which allows members of the community to ask the Safer Knowsley Partnership (“the Partnership”) to review how they have responded to reports of anti-social behaviour.

The Community Trigger can be used where the following threshold has been met:

  • If you (as an individual) have reported to the council, police or a registered housing provider (social landlord e.g. KHT) about three separate incidents of anti-social behaviour in the last six months.
  • If five individuals in the local community have reported separately to the council, police or registered housing provider (social landlord e.g. KHT ) in the last six months about similar incidents of anti-social behaviour.
  • If you have reported to the council, police or registered housing provider (social landlord e.g. KHT) an incident of anti-social behaviour or crime that is a hate incident in the last six months.

To find out more please use the following link (takes you to Community Trigger section on KMBC website ) - www.knowsley.gov.uk/residents/crime-and-safety/the-community-trigger.aspx


Report ASB

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