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Benefit Changes - Act Now!

Do you know everything you need to about the big changes to benefits?

The government have changed many things about the way the benefits system works.  Lots of things will be different, and new information is coming out all the time. The information on these pages will help you understand the changes and help you make plans to prepare.

Some changes may mean you will get less money in benefits. You will need to budget for things such as your rent and other bills to make sure you don’t run into trouble with your finances.

It’s important that you prepare for the new rules now to make sure that your rent is paid and you don’t put your home at risk.

How can you act now?

Find out more about the specific changes and how they might affect you:

  • 'The Bedroom Tax' applies to families who are under-occupying their homes. Calculate how much bedroom tax you may have to pay, click here
  • Universal Credit will affect the way you receive your benefits.
  • The Benefits Cap might limit the amount of benefits you are entitled to.

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