Celebrating Housing Day – Independent Living Team

We’re proud to be supporting #HousingDay on 8th October, celebrating the positive impact we have on social housing.

Did you know KHT has 15 sheltered housing schemes and 2 extra care schemes in Knowsley? All of our schemes have Independent Living Advisers who work with each of our 856 tenant customers.

Here are just a few statistics* which demonstrate how we have made a positive impact to our local tenants and communities. In the last year we have carried out:

  • 4,255 Home Visits
  • 744 New or Reviewed Support Plans
  • 16,412 Welfare Check up Calls
  • 61 Referrals to our Income Team
  • 731 Tenants given Advice & Guidance
  • 97 Referrals to External Support Services

We have also promoted social inclusion and created safe homes by:

  • Having 55 volunteers supporting our Community Centres
  • Making 128 Referrals to Care and Repair
  • Helping get £17,832 for Tenants via appeals and Furniture Packages
  • Carrying out 818 Building Safety Checks


The social value generated by the Independent Living Team is £5,582,658. This is highlighted in the following areas:

  • Reduced social isolation and increased safety and security within the home
  • Financial advice and debt support
  • Developing people’s skills including digital training and tenancy management
  • Improvements in physical and mental health


The savings to the public purse created by the work of the Independent Living team is £3,945,108. This has been achieved through:

  • Lower NHS costs by reductions in trips, slips and falls
  • Older people staying in their homes longer – so they don’t have to rely on residential care
  • Reduced pressure on mental health services through social inclusion activities
  • Improvements in physical health through regular exercise activity
  • Reduced use of A&E and Emergency Care

For further information about our sheltered housing and extra care schemes visit:

Sheltered Housing: https://www.k-h-t.org/find-a-home/sheltered-housing/

Extra Care: https://www.k-h-t.org/find-a-home/extra-care-developments/


*These statistics are correct at time of writing

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