How to Claim Housing Benefits


You may be entitled to some help towards your rent from Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council. Housing Benefit is available to those who are eligible and assists with rent and council tax payments.

For more information on how to claim please visit Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s website.

What does it cover?

Housing Benefit can cover rent and service charges, which you must pay as a condition of your tenancy.

What doesn’t it cover?

  • Heating
  • Hot water charges
  • Water rates
  • Household insurance
  • Repairs we can charge you for
  • Court costs
  • Council Tax
  • Supporting People charges

However, if you claim Housing Benefit, you are automatically assessed for Council Tax Benefit and a Supporting People payment.

How much will I get?

The amount of Housing Benefit you’ll get will depend on how much rent you’re charged, your personal and family circumstances, any other people living with you and your household’s income and savings.

To find out more visit the Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (KMBC)

How will it be paid?

Housing Benefit is paid straight into your rent account, reducing the weekly amount you need to pay.
KMBC Housing and Council Tax Benefit Division will write to you about your entitlement and tell you how much you need to pay to cover your weekly rent. If you have rent arrears, contact your housing office to arrange payment.

How do I claim?

You need to fill in the online KMBC application form. The same form can also be used to claim council tax reduction. In addition, you’ll also find some guidance notes that will tell you what documents need to be sent in with your application.

You can post copies of your documents to:

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Municipal Buildings
Archway Road
L36 9YU

Or you can hand them in to any KMBC One Stop Shop. Don’t post original documents.

How do I ask about my claim?

If you have any questions about your Housing Benefit Claim, phone KMBC on 0151 443 4042.

Remember to keep your rent officer informed of any ongoing Housing Benefit issues.

What if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change the Housing Benefit office need to know as soon as possible.

Some types of changes include:

  • Changes to your income (wages, benefits, tax credits, pension or any other income)
  • Changes in the amount of savings that you have
  • Changes to your household if anyone leaves or joins your household
  • Changes to the income of other people in your household
  • If you move or have to live away from home for any reason, become a student, go into hospital or prison

If you are unsure, please contact KMBC Housing Benefits directly on 0151 443 4042. They will be able to tell you if your change will affect your Housing Benefit.

Housing Benefits should be informed in writing straight away of any changes, as any delay in telling the Housing and Council Tax Benefit Division about changes in your circumstances may result in you being paid too much Housing Benefit, which you will have to pay back.

The easiest way to let them know is by completing a change of circumstances form, which can be obtained directly from KMBC Housing Benefits office or by calling Knowsley Council (KMBC) on 0151 443 4042.

Please note: Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) no longer offer front counter services within Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s (KMBC) One Stop Shops.


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