Code of Conduct


Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) is committed to generating a positive impact on Knowsley and the lives of our residents, creating opportunities and offering support. We are proud of the life changing work that we are doing in the community and we are committed to making a lasting contribution.

This Customer Code of Conduct outlines clearly the standard of behaviour that we expect from our customers, as well as the types of unwanted behaviours which will not be tolerated. The code covers all points of customer contact.

Day to day contact

When customers contact us over the telephone, in person, in writing, by email, or via social media we expect them to:

  • Show respect and courtesy to employees at all times
  • Treat employees as you would like to be treated yourself
  • Assist KHT by providing as much information as possible so that we can make a prompt response or decision
  • Allow employees reasonable time to respond to your request
  • Answer any appropriate correspondence received from KHT
  • Respond to any contact made or messages left by KHT employees when requested

General conduct (applicable at all times)

KHT will not tolerate customers:

  • Using foul, abusive or offensive language (for example swearing or remarks that are discriminatory)
  • Making threats or unreasonable demands towards other customers or employees
  • Personally criticising any individual, whether they are a tenant, resident or employee
  • Discriminating against any employee or other customer on the grounds of race, colour, age, religion or political beliefs, disability or illness, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, class, learning difficulty, appearance or employment status
  • Engaging in any form of harassment

Conduct at meetings

When attending meetings with KHT members of staff, we expect customers to:

  • Ensure that they are prepared for the meeting by reading all the relevant papers and bringing them to the meeting
  • Keep to time and meeting subject, follow the agenda and the guidance of the Chair
  • Be courteous to each other, allowing each other the opportunity to speak one at time, and comment
  • Support and assist other customers and employees to seek effective outcomes for items being discussed
  • Respect each other’s opinions and views
  • Be reasonable and honest
  • Observe the principles of confidentiality listed in our leaflet


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