First Ark takes the Silver

We’re pleased that the First Ark Group have been awarded the Silver Certificate of Achievement for our commitment to employee wellbeing from Knowsley’s Workplace Health Programme.

“Working Well” is a partnership between Knowsley Public Health, Knowsley Chamber of Commerce and Knowsley Council to support businesses to encourage their staff to make healthier choices in the workplace, and to ensure appropriate policies are in place to provide a healthier working environment.

We’ve been given this award in recognition for our commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees, including our commitment towards mental health and wellbeing, help stopping smoking, physical activity and healthy eating.

Our own workplace health champion will act as a point of contact to promote working well to our employees helping to create a healthy workforce. They’ll liaise with Knowsley’s Working Well Co-Ordinator to put us in contact with Health and Wellbeing schemes and services run throughout the borough of Knowsley, helping us with our commitment to promoting health and wellbeing for all our employees

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