KHT invests for local community

As part of our commitment to our customers and the local community, KHT recently refurbished a boundary fence and wall, worth £10,000 on the joint ground between Prescot Cables Football Club and the our properties on Halsall Street, Prescot.

Working with our facilities management services, we renovated the wall to improve health and safety for the local football club and KHT tenants at neighbouring developments.

The new wall and fencing is proving beneficial to the club’s ticket sales as intruders cannot break in to watch matches and it also prevent footballs from landing in residents’ gardens.

Peter Kneale, Chairman at Prescot Cables Football Club, said:

“We’re a community-focused football club and can’t thank KHT enough for investing in the security at our ground. This has been an ongoing issue as the fence was erected in 1950s/60s and something we’ve struggled to fund. It’s great we have such good neighbours who are prepared to support us.”

Leann Hearne, Chief Executive for KHT and the First Ark Group said:

“We’re both similarly aligned community-focused organisations and know many of our customers support the club. This is an important health and safety project and one we we’re happy to back because of its significance within the local community, to our residents, the club and supporters.”

Prescot Cables Football Club dates back to 1884 and football has been played at the ground since 1906. As a vital part of the community, supporting the site’s integrity has been central to this project.

Image shows Steve Goodwin, KHT Group Director for Commercial Services with Peter Kneale, Chairman of Prescot Cables Football Club.

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