The newest member of our Extra Care team!

Tibby’s been brought on board to offer a little bit of extra companionship to some of our Bluebell residents, including those with conditions like dementia. A specially designed robotic therapy pet, Tibby purrs, meows and moves just like a real cat.

Residents at our Extra Care scheme spend time with Tibby for some additional company and comfort. She’s already become a massive hit with residents, staff and visitors.

Extra Care is a special type of housing, designed with older people in mind. We run two large schemes, Bluebell and The Watchfactory. Both developments offer people the opportunity to live independently while getting access to the care and help they need.

Tibby was kindly provided by KMBC’s David Tyrrell from the Assistive Technology Commissioning Team and is a great addition to Bluebell’s programme of support. Our Extra Care teams organise and host activities throughout the week to bring people together, as well as regularly checking in to make sure their care needs are being met.

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