Your rent and service charges are changing

Rent changesrent changes

Each year the Government announces the rent settlement for social housing landlords. From Monday 6th April 2020 we will applying an increase of 2.7% to rents. Where applicable, service charges for properties will also increase.

In February you will receive a letter detailing what your rent and any service charges will be. It will also list the changes you may need to make before April 6th 2020, such as updating standing orders or Universal Credit claims.

Having difficulty paying your rent or charges?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent or charges, please get in touch with our Welfare Reform Team. They can provide you with advice and support as well as signposting you to other help, including guidance about whether you could be eligible for financial assistance towards your housing costs. Our Welfare Reform Team secured £2.4 million in extra benefits for our customers in 2019/20. If you think you may qualify, get in touch.

Call 0151 290 7000 for advice and support.

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