Universal Credit

Universal Credit

Welcome to the Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) online help, where you will find help and support with Universal Credit as well as hints and tips on everything from finance to help with household goods.

The aim of the KHT help site is to provide you with all the information you need in one place.

What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a single monthly payment for working age claimants in or out of work, which includes help with housing payments. If you claim any of the below, you may be migrated onto Universal Credit:

  1. Job Seekers Allowance
  2. Working Tax Credits
  3. Child Tax Credits
  4. Employment Support Allowance
  5. Income Support
  6. Housing Benefit

Customers who have reached Pension Credit Age however, will not be affected by Universal Credit.

Get prepared

Your Universal Credit check list:

  1. Set up a bank account
  2. Get yourself online
  3. Work out how you will pay your rent
  4. Prepare yourself a monthly budget

Once you move onto Universal Credit call us on 0151 290 7000 and we can support you.

Get a bank account

You must have a bank account to receive Universal Credit. To open a bank account you will need to provide:

  • Proof of I.D. e.g. a current passport
  • Proof of current UK address e.g. council tax bill, or a copy of your tenancy agreement

The following banks offer basic banking services without a credit check.

  • Ulster Bank – Foundation Account
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (Scotland) – Foundation Account
  • RBS England and Wales – Basic Account
  • HSBC – Basic Bank Account
  • Nationwide – Flex Basic
  • Co-operative Bank – Cash Minder
  • Lloyds/ Halifax/ Bank of Scotland – Basic Account
  • TSB – Cash Account
  • Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks – Ready Cash Account

To pay your rent you will need your rent account number, which you can find on your rent card.

Make sure you have an up to date rent card. If you have lost your rent card, please call us on

0151 290 7000 or Freephone 0800 561 0007 to request a new one.

Getting online

To claim Universal Credit you will need to go to the Universal Credit website – www.universalcredit.service.gov.uk.

If you don’t have access to the Internet at home, your Job Centre can tell you about local places where you can access the Internet for free. Also, if you would like to improve your computer skills, then your Job Centre or library should be able to find you a course.

Getting online can be really useful and you can save money by:

  • Comparing the market to make your household bills such as Gas and Electricity cheaper
  • Paying your bills online
  • Finding a job
  • Maintaining contact with distant friends and relatives

The Government says that households who are not online are missing out on savings of up to £560 per a year by not shopping around and paying bills online. We can help you get online through our partner team; One Ark. Call them on 0151 290 7000.

Paying your rent

If you were previously in receipt of housing benefit, your rent will have been automatically paid directly to us. This will now change. Once you receive Universal Credit, it will be your responsibility to pay your rent directly to Knowsley Housing Trust.

There are lots of easy ways you can pay your rent:

  • Direct Debit
  • Online – go to k-h-t.org
  • Standing Order
  • Telephone – call 0844 557 8321 for our automated service or 0151 290 7000 or Freephone 0800 561 0007 to speak to one of our operators
  • In person – go to your nearest Pay Point

Under certain circumstances we may be able to apply for your housing costs to be paid direct to KHT. If you feel that you would benefit from this service, please contact your Income Officer on 0151 290 7921.

Budget your money

When you receive Universal Credit you will need to ensure that you budget for your priority bills including your rent. Creating a budget can give you greater control of your finances.

Think about what you need to budget for using this handy monthly budget planner.

If you need any help with your budget planning, our Welfare Reform and Income Team are on hand to provide advice and support. Call them on 0151 290 7921.

If you find you have a minus total please call our Welfare Reform and Income team on 0151 290 7921, who may be able to help.

kht-budget your money

Download the file here

Hints and tips

  • Payments should be prioritised by importance Ensure your essential bills like rent and Council Tax are paid first before any non-priority bills.
  • Make a note of your assessment date and payment date
  • Make a budget to prepare yourself for monthly payments (attached)
  • Start saving to help you manage during the waiting period (there is an average 6 week wait until you receive a payment)
  • For peace of mind, begin making payments of rent in advance to ensure you don’t fall behind when you move on to Universal Credit
  • If you feel that you will be unable to budget for six weeks before your first payment, it is important that you ask for an advanced payment during your first meeting after your claim at the Jobcentre.

Contact us today if you have any queries regarding Universal Credit 0151 290 7921.

If you wish to receive any content displayed on this website in a different format, please contact us on 0151 290 7000 or email contactcentre@firstark.com.